Admittedly, I did adore my super long hair and as I so often received lovely compliments about it, I was hesitant to cut it. But to be honest, it had become SO long that it was such a chore to wash and style it and a quick bun on top of my head became my (lazy) signature style. As my hair is really thick too, it would tangle itself in knots at the mere sight of water, so washing it would mean hours of detangling time too. So a few months ago- fed up of my hair struggles, I decided a salon visit was way overdue and visited RUSH Hair on The Strand for a much needed cut and blowdry*…

RUSH Hair and Beauty Salons actually have branches all over England, with many in both Central and Greater London. I visited their Strand Salon (only a short walk from Charing Cross tube) and it definitely has that luxurious salon feel that’s perfect when you’re indulging in a a hair pamper. There’s gorgeous flower features everywhere and the whole salon is sleek, polished and professional (it’s open late so it’s ideal for an after work treat too.) There’s an extensive drink selection available as well- from wines to tea, coffee and juices, which all adds to your salon experience. Prices start at £51 for a Ladies’ Cut and Blowdry at the Strand Salon (prices vary from salon to salon) and increase depending on the stylist’s experience, with an £80 price tag for a Consultant level stylist. There’s a full range of hair treatments available too, from full head colour to highlights and hair styling (if you’re a blowdry lover, I noticed they have a great deal to get your fourth free!)

 After a relaxing shampoo and deep conditioning treatment, I was ready for my hair transformation, herbal tea in hand while my cut and blowdry began. To be honest, one of the main reasons I don’t visit hair salons as often as I should is I sometimes find the hairdresser has their own idea in mind of how they want to style my hair and doesn’t listen enough to how I would like my hair cut or styled. The result is either my hair is much shorter than I was prepared for or the style isn’t really as I described. This honestly couldn’t be further from the truth at RUSH and I was pleasantly surprised as to how much my stylist, Dale completely listened, discussed with me and ultimately delivered on the style I envisaged for my hair. He consulted with me every step of the hair cut and even managed to transform my hair into a startlingly similar replica of the Mila Kunis picture I had optimistically brought along!

Admittedly, it was slightly terrifying seeing my cherished long hair fall in a heap around me, but I couldn’t be happier with the final result. As you can see, my hair is still long by most people’s standards but a much more manageable length and framed around my face rather than taking over half my body! I loved the subtle layers Dale added and my hair felt incredibly soft and looked so shiny at the end of my salon experience (you just can’t beat the feel and look of your hair after a hair salon visit!) I would even be braver with the length and style next time (though I don’t think a bob will ever be on the cards for me!) I am absolutely delighted with my hair and it does go to show how much a friendly and approachable stylist can reallt shape your salon experience and ensure you achieve your desired look. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend RUSH and my fantastic stylist Dale to anyone (especially if you’re a bit nervous about your upcoming hair transformation like me!) RUSH even have an incredible 50% off deal for new clients- so take advantage of that and book yourself in to one of their 70 hair salons!


*PR sample or gifted experience. For more information please see my disclaimer.